LLC Scientific-production firm “Sweda, Ltd”

  • Pessoa de contato: Anna Lilichenko
  • Telefone: +None (380) 6123-19-02
  • Skype: Sweda,Ltd
  • Endereço postal: Zoja Kosmodemijanskaya str., 3a, Zaporozhye, Zaporozhye, Ucrânia

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LLC Scientific-production firm “Sweda, Ltd”

Scientific-production firm "Sweda, Ltd" is one of the leaders in development, production and introduction of the industrial weighing equipment.

We produce:

  • belt scales;
  • hopper scales;
  • belt batchers;
  • batchers for product bagging (sewing,
    valve, "Big-Bag") with sewing
  • system of bag weight accounting;
  • electronic blocks of scales and

We perform such operations:

  • adjusting and supervising
    installation of the equipment;
  • technical support of products;
  • workingout of new systems of weighing
    and prodution account.

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